What is happening at Key MS

March 15, 2018

Second Quarter in Review - Key Middle School SY 17-18

Thank you for all your support which made second quarter so amazing at Key Middle School! In case you missed it, here are some highlights of special events and accomplishments! Please follow me on Twitter @KeyActingP or @KeyMS to see the daily happenings at our school! Sign up for our News You Choose and I'll send you an email every two weeks about upcoming events! 

-Sincerely, Aimee J. Holleb, Acting Principal Key MS 


Academic Program: Did you know?

This year, each content area has given 2 assessments focused on the characteristics of rigor and aspects of the IBMYP framework!

Afterschool Program: Did you know?

We have an afterschool program five days a week! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we have late busses home. Students can stay after to get extra help from teachers, participate in clubs/activities, and learn new sports skills! Free snacks!

School Safety: Wow! During second quarter we had 3 fire drills. We have 2 more lockdown drills that will be done throughout the school year. Our School Resource Officer has worked directly with many of our students to share important safety tips. Lastly, we have additional signage that communicates how to enter our secured school facility.