Outstanding Key Employees

January 24, 2018

Each year the FCPS requests that the region submits outstanding employees from different categories. Key has submitted 4 names this year in recognition of their outstanding work at Key! 

Outstanding Teacher: Sarah Looney 

She makes learning fun and motivates the children every day! Instills a strong desire to keep learning and helps students retain the information with her enthusiasm and teaching technique. Well organized and communicates regularly with updates. She is perfect for her position as a Spanish teacher.

Outstanding Leader: Erin Lynch

Erin is an incredibly dedicated employee and an asset to Key Middle School. She provides support and advice in all areas of education including test construction, creation of Google and other educational documents, responding to emails, chunking materials for team-taught and self-contained classes, preparing IB materials, leadership during CT meetings, help with SIIP and personal goals. The list is endless. She helps with tests and other documents by email when she is off during the week and over the weekends. She is quite an asset to Key Middle School.

Outstanding Support Employee: Abesh Ghile

Mrs. Ghile is indispensable at Key Middle School. She truly has student and staff best interest at heart. She goes above and beyond in the classroom and in the hallways. She gives her time freely to ensure student success at all times, like during advisory and after school to collaborate with teachers. Her love for students is obvious, her focus is always on what is best for them. She spends her free time checking with teachers to see how she can make their jobs just a little easier. She is creative with accommodations for students and is a pro at diffusing difficult situations. She always lets students start a new day with a clean slate to allow them to move past any troubles and ensure they are ready to learn. She is by far the best IA we have ever worked with and her positivity is a gift to students and staff who get to interact with her.

Outstanding Hourly Employee: Liv Rivera 

Ms. Rivera is a true school professional. Since her arrival last year, Key has hosted monthly Parent Coffees with different themes every month. That was inconsistent in the past. The attendance to the coffees has been outstanding. Ms. Rivera coordinates with our counselors, school social worker and school psychologist to provide families with community support. Ms. Rivera is always working to see how we can get parents more involved in school activities. Parents know to call Ms. Rivera for any questions concerning the school or the community.