About Us

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Vision Statement: Key: The Place for Me!

  • We envision Key Middle School as a community of learners who have the ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. In such a community, adults model productive citizenship through a collegial atmosphere of respect and collaborative efforts toward the common goal of student learning.  We envision students will develop as responsible citizens who value learning and are prepared for new experiences and future opportunities.

Mission Statement: Key: The Place to Be!

  • Students at Key Middle School are equipped with the skills and support necessary to reach their highest potential, in a learning environment that fosters critical and creative thinking and academic rigor.

School Core Values/Beliefs

  • Key Middle School believes that all students can learn and achieve academic success at high levels when given appropriate opportunities and support from the adults in their lives.  
  • We believe that students’ needs as learners are continually changing and that, as education professionals, we have a responsibility to adapt to those changes.
  • We recognize middle school as a unique and sometimes challenging transition for students and believe in the importance of building self-confidence, valuing diversity, and celebrating individual and collective successes.

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

Key Middle School is a part of Region 3

Fairfax County Public Schools