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Technology support, responsible use, and digital citizenship

Parent & Student Technology Support

Student Device Responsible Use Agreement

Please note that this is separate from the Digital Resources Consent Form that must be signed as well. A copy of this form was sent in our initial mailing - you can also download your own copy, sign it, and return it to the school. Please ask your student to give the signed form to their Learning Seminar teacher.

FCPS borrowed Student Devices should be used only in conjunction with projects relating to the educational programs of FCPS. It may not be used as a personal or social device for the student.

  • It should always be:
    • Handled with care (Closed and carried with two hands)
    • Properly stored in a location where it will not be dropped, stepped on, or exposed to extreme temperatures
    • Transported daily to school in a bag with its charger
    • Properly charged each night 
    • Kept away from pets, food, and liquids
  • The Student Device is for the assigned student's use only. Friends, family members, or other students may not use it.
  • All files should be saved in Schoology or Google Apps for Education, not on the computer hard drive.
  • Tech support is provided at the school during school hours only:
    • Students can submit a Student Help Ticket using the link in Schoology or have their teacher submit one for them (tickets can also be submitted while at home)
    • Students and families should never attempt to repair the laptop themselves or take it to a repair shop

School staff should be informed of a lost/stolen device as soon as possible. If you believe your device was stolen, report it immediately to the police. Families will be charged to replace or fix missing or broken technology. Prices will be determined based on the repairs needed. 

Please sign the form indicating that you have read the responsible use guidelines and return the form to your child’s Learning Seminar teacher. This form must be signed for each student attending Key MS.

Key MS Technology Staff

    Brent Litherland

    • Technology Support Specialist | b[email protected] 
    • Assists students and families with FCPS laptops

    Marissa Petty

    • School-Based Technology Specialist | @email
    • Assists teachers with the incorporation of technology into classroom activities

    Additional Resources

    • Account Manager: Use this site to setup a password recovery phone number or email address.

    • Account Password Recovery: This self-service application allows FCPS students to reset their lost or forgotten password. To successfully use this application you must have previously supplied a private e-mail address or mobile phone number in the Account Manager application. If you are having problems using this application, please see one of your teachers during the school day.

    • Google Apps for Education: Google Apps for Education (GAE) allows FCPS students, faculty, and staff to communicate, store files and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time from school, work, or home, all within a secure “closed campus” online environment. The use of these tools is optional, and intended to provide an approved and supportable alternative to consumer Google accounts. There is no cost to use GAE.

    • StudentVUE Accounts: All middle school students have access to their StudentVUE account by using their network id and password to log in.

    • Coding Resources - Computer science drives innovation in the U.S. economy and society. Learning to code is an entry point to computer science: it’s easy, accessible to all ages, and it is fun!

    • Digital Citizenship - Developing responsible and productive digital citizens.


    The FCPS Technology@Home program enables students to purchase technology products at a discount.

    More Technology Resources

    Resources to ensure that all students experience a digitally rich learning environment that meets instructional needs.