Grading Policies


Grading & Assessment

  • A student’s grade communicates academic performance: what the student knows and is able to do as measured against the learning standards of the course.

NOTE: Parents and students will likely see more Process Grades on the grade report than Product Grades. This is not unusual. Since Product Grades are larger assignments that require more time to complete and/or assess multiple learning standards, there will often be fewer of them on the grade reports.

Parents are able to view their students’ grades at any time during the year through the Student Information System (SIS) with their own unique login and password. We encourage parents and students to look over and discuss grade reports together and work collaboratively with the teacher to address any questions they have. Parents’ logins for SIS will also allow them to access the teachers’ sites in Schoology.

Late Work Policy

Students are fully responsible for completing any missed assignments when they have excused absences. They must coordinate with their teachers to make up work for each day they had an excused absence.

Mastery Learning Policy

Learning for mastery is embraced at Key MS. Therefore, students will be given multiple opportunities to display mastery of skills and content. Some examples of mastery learning include revision of assessments, test retakes, and test corrections. Students will need to complete revisions or retakes by the end of the quarter or within a timely fashion at the discretion of the teacher. Mastery Learning policies are consistent with each team.

  • Each content team will outline their Mastery Learning Policy in the course syllabus with the following details:
    • How mastery learning is allowed within the course (e.g., test corrections, test retakes, essay revisions, etc.).
    • What type(s) of assessments the policy applies to.
    • How many attempts will be permitted (it is recommended for most courses that only one attempt is allowed to retake a test, for example, but there are a handful of courses that may need/want to allow more).
    • What students will be required to do prior to doing test corrections, retaking test, etc. (e.g., remediation, complete all related assignments, etc.).