Student Services

School Counseling Department Beliefs

We believe...

  • All students have the ability to succeed & achieve with the right resources and high quality supports.
  • All students deserve access to grow, learn, and achieve in a safe & supportive learning environment.
  • Achievement may look different for students depending on needs, abilities, and identities.
  • School counselors will support students by name and by need with equity in mind.
  • The School Counseling Program has a tiered approach for wellness: all students & families have access to a school counselor.
  • School Counselors see students holistically and are the bridge between the student and “their world” - empowering students to self-advocate and encouraging others to understand and listen to them.
  • Data drives School Counselors to develop plans and programs to support students. The ASCA ethical standards drive us to protect students’ rights and confidentiality. School Counselors understand that data is important although, sometimes doesn’t capture the whole picture.
  • How School Counselors see students impacts who they become. 
  • Beliefs keep us grounded and focused in the midst of day to day life.

School Counseling Department Vision Statement

All students from Key Middle School will become global, responsible citizens, valued role models and will contribute equitably to their community and the changing world around them. Students will become empowered and resilient individuals with a growth mindset that allows them to be emotionally regulated adults who have the tools to function in society and upend systems of oppression. Each student will be driven to create and achieve a unique post secondary plan, which aligns with their authentic self. Students will find joy in their accomplishments and create a life that they’re proud of.

School Counseling Department Mission Statement

The school counseling program at Key Middle School will be inclusive, equitable, and impactful for all students. We will empower individuals and build resiliency and self advocacy, through data driven supports including school wide lessons and small groups.  Individual student supports will be relationally driven and student centered. School counselors will collaborate with stakeholders and vertical teams in addressing student needs and transitions with a holistic lens. We will advocate to prepare students for secondary and postsecondary opportunities through programs that help them reach higher.

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